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Review of Hour of Darkness

by Marti Will

HOUR OF DARKNESS is the second thriller in the Persy Jonas crime series to come from the pen of acclaimed South African author Michéle Rowe.

It’s Earth Hour. People worldwide are switching off their lights to mark the global energy crisis. In an exclusive housing estate outside Cape Town, a woman and her seven-month-old baby son disappear into the darkness and a teenage girl, who also lives on the housing estate, vanishes into thin air.

The story-line includes a land claim, unscrupulous developers, gangsters, corrupt politicians and murder.

Rowe has an uncanny knack to twist her plots and characters to form an intricate web of suspense and intrigue.

She uses her portrayal of very real South African characters and their stories to masterfully depict infinitely different perspectives of life and crime on the Cape Flats.

Hour of Darkness is a top-notch spine-chilling crime thriller bursting with suspense, conspiracy and skulduggery to the very last full stop on the very last page.

Rowe’s first novel in this series, What Hidden Lies, won the coveted international Crime Writer’s Association Debut Dagger Award in 2011.

Hour of Darkness is published by Penguin Books South Africa (ISBN: 9781415203903).

Originally posted online at here and in print in Vista.