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Four of us set off early in the morning to the Scuola Grande San Rocco to see the Tintorettos, stopping for breakfast en route at a small coffee shop. It’s all mirrors and gilt work and has an array of freshly baked pastries laid out on trays. Gondolier hats and ribbons and medals adorn the walls and bar area. The guidebook assures us the café is patronised by working gondoliers from early in the morning. As the weeks pass, we come to realise that these legends are carefully cultivated for the delectation of tourists, but for now we are happy to wallow in the fabulous kitschness of it all. A macchiatone and a pastry seem to be the standard Venetian breakfast. The pastries are buttery confections made with almonds and pistachios, crema or cocciolata, and fragrant vanilla and lemony fillings with raisins, resting in deliciously crumbly pastry…

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